Friday, August 16, 2019

Silver Dagger Book Tours and My Fable Ranger Duology

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Hello Everyone!

Glad to have you stop by. Usually I'd like for you to stay for a spell, but things are pretty active elsewhere and I don't want you to miss out.

Where elsewhere?

At Silver Dagger Book Tours 👏👏👏

Please click here to hop on over to help kickoff the month-long book tour for my Fable Ranger duology, Summons and Return.

  • There's a fun guest post for you to enjoy featuring Casey and Charlie-boy.
  • There's a great giveaway for you to enter for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.
  • There are excerpts from both books.
  • And the list of stops so you can follow the tour for each stop.
  • Plus...there are other awesome giveaways to discover.

Please be sure to share about the book tour. There's a Tweet button at Silver Dagger Book Tours or you can share this Tweet: Fable Ranger Summons and Return going on tour! Enjoy the adventure with me at Silver Dagger Book Tours

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Cupcakes & Books Reader Scavenger Hunt

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As I mentioned in yesterday's post, today I bring you something happy and positive. A giveaway certainly fits the bill.

The wonderful thing about the Cupcakes & Books Romance Book Scavenger Hunt is that it's a giveaway engaging readers to discover new authors. So please hop on over to Night Owl Reviews, check out some new-to-you authors (and me :)), and enter the giveaway.

Here's the extra nice part: There are TONS of prizes:

$700+ in Prizes
Over 100 Winners
1 Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite Winner
1 $50 Amazon Card Winner
1 $25 Amazon Card Winner
101 $5 Amazon Card Winners

Would you care to share about the festivities? Here's a helpful Tweet to use:

Cupcakes & Romance Books #Giveaway - Do you love romance novels? If yes, come on over and get entered to win a Kindle & Amazon cards. #romancechick #romancelandia

Before you go, I'm curious to know: Have you ever participated in this type giveaway before? If so, what was your experience?

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

IWSG and After Book Birthday Disappointment

This Wednesday is the first Wednesday of the month. It is time for Insecure Writer's Support Group posts.

For today, writers across the blogosphere are participating in sharing about their adventures. Usually, even if I'm not feeling all that ecstatic about things, I will try to find something to share that may be able to turn towards a positive light.

Tomorrow, I have something fun to share.

Today, I am saddened at the loss of life this past weekend, a weekend I didn't stay in "promote my book" mode. Actually, I reread Peel for a bit of sweet romance escape between tales of fallen angels with violent tendencies and the violent tendencies of armed extremists with agendas.

While lives have been cut, shortened too soon, I can't help wondering if they are the lucky ones, no longer having to see how far into the jaws of the leviathan humanity will fall, not with a scream or plea to do better, be better...but in blind applause at the growing  "okayness" of not being humane to others.

Kind of dark.

I know.

But after my book birthday, I hadn't expected to feel disappointed.

Not surprised or angry.

Just disappointed.

How about this? Come back tomorrow for the fun. Today, I don't blame you for clicking here to find other blogs to hop to with happier or more writerly related tidings.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Cheers to Release Day!

When authors refer to books as their babies, there's truth to that comparison. Whatever the circumstances that resulted in conception, there is a process, work, and effort to get to the point where the baby, like an author's book, makes its debut.

And like bringing a baby into the world, releasing a new book, novella, or story can make an author both excited and scared.

Which is what I am today. Because...

Peel is available! Order yours today (Kindle, Epub, Paperback)


About Peel
Divinia “Divvy” Simone loves her daughter and making time for her passion for writing. Time for a love life? Not so much, especially not after being a divorced, single mother for several years.

That is, until Vance Mallard.

With Vance’s help, Divvy must put together her best friend’s wedding in under thirty days. The first week is the most crucial of all. Planning locations, music, and food are all par for the course. Peeling back the scarred layers protecting her heart? No way.

Vance has a plan of his own. And…

In one week, everything could change.

So my blog friends, what else can a new book release day be compared to?

Friday, July 26, 2019

Sharing about Summons and Return

While the books I've published are my babies and I don't have a single book that is my all time favorite, the Fable Ranger duology has a certain specialness to it...mostly because my daughter enjoys them so much.

And I really want others to discover Summons and Return, perhaps post a review and tell a friend, and that friend tell another friend, so on and so on.


I've enlisted the help of Silver Dagger Book Tours to set up a book blog tour and giveaway.
If you would like to participate, please click to sign up.

Have you done a book blog tour before? As a blog host? As an author? As a reader, what do you find engaging in author-related blog posts?