Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Gratitude Attitude


2020 has been a year to remember. Or in some ways, a year many will subconsciously hope to forget.

And I understand why.

From COVID-19 to wildfires, murder hornets, tropical storms going into the Greek alphabet, an election season that felt like the country was on the auction block to racial injustice fights coming to a blistering, festering, boiling head being burst by Dr. Pimple to me...

Recognizing that when people see me, they do not see the pain of holding my back rigid and head high while a stranger glares and sneers at me with hatred for something I could not control...

Recognizing that when people see me, they do not see the pain of being told that I'm the exception to being black because I, you know, you know...

Recognizing that when people see me, they do not see the pain of being watched like a hawk in the store while the cute blonde completely peeps the game and takes advantage of it with her full baby stroller that gets fuller while I'm the one people are waiting on to steal something...

Recognizing that I...must continue to strive and fight because I love a country that doesn't quite yet know how to love me back.

All that...and yes, I am grateful. Because those aren't the final things that sum up everything.

There are so many who are beautiful in their love, comedic in their joy, and loving in their ways to remind me that the fight is worth continuing.

I fight.

And I am thankful and grateful for the strength to fight, for those who fight with me and for me.

I've now reached the point in this little ramble where I've drawn tears from my eyes so I'll stop.


Thank you.

Working had everyday to maintain that Gratitude Attitude.

And I love you all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

COVID Close to Home


I've shared this with my newsletter subscribers and wanted to be sure to speak here as well.

Friday the 13th delivered on being an interesting day. I received a call to pick my daughter up from school due to fever and shivers. Of course, this is the first year we didn't do a flu shot for her, so while I had awareness it could be COVID, it could also be the flu.

We drove to a recommended location with rapid response testing for COVID and stayed in line for the necessary hours to get testing and get her results.

Negative for the flu.

Positive for COVID.

While I have suspicions of where she could've picked it up, our own relaxed behavior and zero contact tracing places me in the position of taking on accountability for our actions and I must lead by example by doing better myself.

We'll be on quarantine for a few weeks so it may be a few weeks before I post again. I'm dropping a link to the CDC guidelines <click here> for anyone interested. I'm no doctor so me speculating and diving into hyperbolic diatribe would be pointless. 

Stay safe everyone and sending you social distance hugs!

Friday, November 6, 2020

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